Monday, January 18, 2010

Show Openings in Chelsea

The last time I was in Chelsea for an afternoon of art I came home tired and discouraged. I saw work that seemed shallow, forced, redundant and you could add a long string of disappointed adjectives to continue the thought. I wasn't inspired to go back until a friend of mine that I used to share the opposite side of a studio wall with had her first solo show opening at Robert Steele Gallery this past Thursday. It was a lovely opening characterized by many friends, acquaintances, colleagues and new connections coming to support Michelle. The work looks finished, it has humor and introspection, a rich pallet of texture, color and varied composition and in short, belongs in a gallery

Now, of course I'm biased by seeing Michelle's work progress and being friends. But, there was also a different air to the evening that greatly contrasted to the spaces I visited the last time and I left feeling like thoughtful art-making really can have a home in Chelsea.

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