Thursday, January 7, 2010

If you can't beat them, join 'em.

Here begins my first steps into the world of blogging. I got schooled by a P.R. person at a recent professional development session for artists about not having a blog nor Facebook account. So, in an effort to step up the communication I did the unthinkable and joined Facebook and now I'm taking on the new identity as a blogger. A new year has begun and I am hoping that these small steps will bring me and my work into a new season.

One of the projects I will be periodically be writing on is the progress of a Queens Community Arts Fund grant I received through the Queens Council on the Arts. The award ceremony is next Thursday and I have to complete my project by the end of 2010. I'll add more details as they get solidified but basically I will be working with the community around the Queens Botanical Garden to collect materials and dress three new torsos. There will be some public workshop events and then the pieces will be on display at the garden.

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