Monday, November 28, 2011

A Season Approaches

This weekend I happened to be in the city, and I happened to need to run an errand off of 5th Avenue. I also happened to forget that this was the opening weekend for all of the holiday windows and that 5th Avenue would be mobbed with people! I figured it out pretty quickly though when I exited the subway only to see a wall of heads in the direction I needed to go. So, I braved the sea of camera wielding, bag laden tourists and I promise I didn't make a single snide remark.... out loud.


While navigating closer to my destination I made my way in front of Bergdorf Goodman's, and what did I see? Materially thematic window displays! Wood, paper, tile- oooh very nice! As I kept hustling by it did finally occur to me that I could pull out my camera too and snap a few shots to share with everyone. Keep in mind it was a last minute thought, composed on my camera phone and in a huge crowd, so they aren't the clearest of shots. I had also passed the wood display and wasn't going to fight the current to get a shot, sorry about that.

Here is the paper window- absolutely every surface is covered with paper. These are designers after my own heart.

Progressing further down the Avenue I bumped into this window! The Statue of Liberty with, what I believe is, a Jelly Belly bean dress standing in front of paper artist, Robert Sabuda's cityscape.

And my final salute to the afternoon came by seeing my first Christmas tree stand on the Upper West Side. These stands always ring in the season for me with their cheery lights and delicious smell of evergreen.

I'll leave you with this. If you are getting into the holiday spirit and are beginning to think about gift giving, perhaps you might like to take a gander at my store. Today is the last day of my 20% off sale (coupon code DUTHANKS) and it's the last sale of the year. Thankfully there has been some buzz for shopping at small businesses this year, feel free to bring the buzz over to my shop, The Delicate Utility

Last time I promised a story on the BAT CAT gang. Don't worry, that will be next time.

Don't just en-joy, but bring joy, to the season!




Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Studio

Life after moving is far better than life during moving.

This is what I'm trying to remind myself of when I get frustrated searching in vain for items at home or in the studio, or when I get led on a tangent by having the light diminish in the kitchen at 4:30pm so that I'm straining my eyes to see my laptop and then I think, I might as well just go and hang the light above the table to remedy the situation, but then I remember that we couldn't find the spare light bulb last time we tried to hang it, so I go searching in the hall closet, for said bulb,  only to then reorganize the entire closet as I attempt to get to the box I think might contain the lightbulb but instead has the c-hook which I could use to hang the lamp. Alas, no bulb, so no hung light fixture, and an hour and a half later I just bring my laptop to the living room where we do have adequate lighting. At least the closet got organized.

Moving home and studio in the same month is not the ideal but that's what happened around here. In honor of the new spaces I've included some shots of the studio to give you a sense of where I'm hanging out (when I can get there) these days. Having an open studio within just weeks of moving in gave me the incentive to get some work up on the walls. My studio is in a Chashama work space, and they do a great job of supporting and organizing artists- I like them a lot.

My mannequin greeters. I feel like they need names. Any suggestions?

Looking towards the back wall and my work table (the messy end of the room)

The torso line up, it's so nice to see them hanging together again!

The front wall, opposite of my greeters


The view from my work desk

The space is a great size for me currently and has plenty of room for me to create and store my larger pieces, something our old apartment couldn't really provide. It will be interesting to see how the work progresses now that I have more room to move around. 

Next time I'll tell you about my new pals the BAT Cat Gang- I'm a fan and I'm sure you'll get a kick out of them too. Thanks for visiting my space with me!