Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's to Monday

It's been awhile, sorry for the absence. I've been in the studio weaving away at two new pieces that I'm excited to share. Their compatriots have already been featured but I haven't explained the project in much detail so I figured it was time. I've toyed with different titles for the series but I think I've finally landed on one that really creates an entry point into the work.

"Adornment," began in 2010 after weaving the second version of "Coming Into Being/Coming Undone." The threads took on the role of garment, skin and hair- an interesting notion to me. So I explored a little more and last year created the first piece in the adornment series.
Coming Into Being/ Coming Undone
Adornment .25

Moving to slightly deeper tones, the second piece in the series emerged and I lengthened the vertical threads.

 Adornment .30

I took a pause on this for a few months but have been back at work this January and here are the two newest pieces. I decided to jump in the tones so that I can then work towards the medium tones from the different ends I've started from. My goal is to create at least 10 pieces to create a sampling of different tones. I'm starting the journey now on where to display them once I have the full set. I'll report back when I've got some leads.

Adornment .80

All 4 pieces together in the studio

Adornment .85

Adornment .80