ABOUT Susan Springer Anderson

Susan Springer Anderson is an artist and teaching artists, working and living in California. 

Her body of work focuses on exploring and exposing the different layers of the human experience through the assemblage of a variety of repurposed materials. She has shown her armature assemblage sculpture in juried gallery shows, solo features and in non-traditional spaces in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Indiana, North Carolina and Washington D.C.

graduate of Anderson University in Indiana with a B.A. in Graphic Design and a working emphasis in sculpture. She studied design abroad at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. She was a 2010 Queens Community Art Fund grant recipient. 

About the Blog Title

Delicate Utility, is a phrase I have used to describe my work over the years. I utilize materials that are often considered to be utilitarian, and therefore not traditionally beautiful, and then I extract them from their predictable contexts and rework their 'use' by stitching, weaving and arranging them into 'beautiful' and often delicate garments. The title is also apt for all the leatherwork I do. I'm interested in how items from our daily life can be both beautiful and functional.

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