Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Paper Bride is Here!

About a year and a half ago Esther K. Smith contacted me through a friend of a friend of someone I was in a show with a few years ago. Esther was going to be writing a book about wedding crafts made completely out of paper and she was looking for someone who could make a paper wedding dress. She inquired if I had one, indeed I did, but as we talked it became obvious that a new dress would need to be made. Jump forward a few months later, countless different designs, at least 12 glue sticks and multiple months of the New York Times Magazine and voilĂ  the paper wedding gown! The dress is made completely out of magazine and newspaper and is secured with glue and a velcro fastener. No sewing machine required! The book is now on sale through Esther's website, Amazon, the publisher's site and I'm sure various other book sites. You can see the full gown on page 82 and a write up on page 91.

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