Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Delicate Utility and Apartment Therapy- You Know, we're like best friends now...

You know, some days you just need to feel found in the world. And a small nod of recognition can really alter your day. And then, there are days when you don't just get a nod, but a GIANT SPOTLIGHT of Warm-fuzzy-feel-good glow comes and illuminates your tiny corner of the world. That sort of captures my day.

A few months ago I sent off one of my Ipad mini cases, a little leather pascale notebook and a handwritten note to the guru of style and all things cool, Maxwell Ryan over at little website by the name of Apartment Therapy. {To say that I drool profusely over their content might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much.}

I knew the items had been received but hadn't really heard anything since so I figured I would just chalk it up to a nice gesture and hope they were enjoyed. But then tonight, while checking my shop stats on etsy, what did I find but that one of my item views was linking back to Apartment Therapy. A few clicks more and there did my eyes behold the glory of inter-web prized real estate, my notebooks in the Maxwell's Daily Find section being recommended to the world by the man himself. My little maker heart has been sent aflutter and my hands better get stitching.

A big thanks to Maxwell and to my good pal Nelly Domig who planted the idea (and probably made the personal pitch to make this happen)!

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