Sunday, July 1, 2012

Before and After a New Studio Space

Hello Friends!

I've been on a bit of a break for awhile. The end of my school year brought a new round of part time work and, thankfully, a new batch of orders over at my Delicate Utility shop on Etsy. It's been a busy, busy, month. So, I'm very happy to be looking forward to our first summer vacation abroad in just a few weeks. Before we go away though there's much to do, and a few things to catch up on.

The most recent news is that I got a new studio. I'm still in my same building with Chashama atThe Brooklyn Army Terminal, but I have two new wonderful additions.

What's that....a door! I'd forgotten how much I miss a bit of privacy when I'm working. The biggest thing is just not being distracted by noise over my walls or from people passing by.

Next great thing about this space....

A WINDOW!!!!! Oh, how I have missed natural light! Big bonus that it's paned, warehouse glass which I love, and have a fondness for since my professional New York life always takes me to industrial spaces.

I can finally have plants again! This was a gift from my friend Julia.

 I think I'll call her Lady Viola.

The only, and really only, negative about this new studio is that it's small. About half the size of my old space, in fact. However, what I lost in length and width I gained in height. Up, up, up those torsos go to the ceiling for storage. It's somewhat reminiscent of my college studio where I had torsos crowding the walls hanging two high when possible.

But, I love this space so much, I'm ready to find an upswing to any detail. The bonus of a smaller space is that it forces you to get organized! Check out my new shelves, no more boxes all over the floor!

I spent most of last Wednesday getting the space ready to move into. I gave it a fresh coat of bright white flat paint, no odor low VOC's by Behr. It was a big job going up and down the ladder countless times, so I definitely appreciated not getting a paint buzz!

Here it is all finished before moving everything in...

Most of the weekend was spent at the studio, and it was oh so pleasant. A big switch from sitting under the glow of fluorescent lights having no sense for what time of day it is. I am much, much happier.

Here's to more artwork!

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Susan,
    I am so happy for you. Inspiring just to look at the pictures. The space as a worthy resident. Sending the Muses of Creativity your way. love, Alida

    1. Thanks Alida! Now, when can I get you down here for a visit!