Friday, May 4, 2012

{new post} Friday-Event-Weekend!

It's Friday, which means I'm here in the studio trying to cram some work in. It's also Friday afternoon which means I'm feeling a little rough around the edges from the week and that I need a quick break from making. So what does that really mean? I'm getting around to a new blog post finally!

Since my last blip on the blog about hating writing I've done.... maybe 10 mins. or so. See, I wasn't kidding. But, quite frankly there are some things to catch up on.

1. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I've got work up again at KrisTEES in Astoria here in NYC for May and June and this Sunday is the opening event, 12-5pm. Here's the link to the event. Come by!

2. For Sunday only I'm offering a 10% discount on all of my pieces in the shop, another reason to come!

3. I have 1 month and 1 week of teaching to go before summer break! Wahoo!!! (Here's one of my recent projects with the kids)

4. I have gotten to see a Picasso and Van Gogh up close from private collections in the last month- pretty cool.

5. I got a new part-time gig which is how I got to see those fabulous pieces.

6. We booked our tickets for our summer vacation and that just makes me tremendously happy!

7. I got a show confirmed for September to October at the lounge in Manhattan. More details to come on that one.

8. I had a record number of sales for April over at the etsy shop.

9. hmm, what else has happened.... I really ought to have 10 points to round this out nicely. Oh, I got to hear a new friend sing some beautiful arias at an opera recital. Check out this short video of Shermayne , she's got a pretty fabulous voice!

10. It isn't raining today, it isn't cold and it isn't Monday! All good things.

Have a good weekend folks, I hope to see a few of you at the event!

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