Monday, August 15, 2011

Fever & Sale


For the last month I think I've had Esty fever. There is certainly a thrill that I experience every time I see the traffic in the shop rising and a small dose of euphoria when I see that I've made a sale. I suppose much of this is experienced by every new shop owner, but it doesn't make it any less exciting. Yesterday I found myself flabbergasted when looking at the stats for the shop. One of my items, the Gloria II (see below, on the top left), journal was included in an "etsy finds" daily newsletter and it sent the visits to my shop and that particular listing through the roof! Here's a capture of the finds-

Click the link to see all of the item picks:

More Excitement, A Sale!

For the month of August all of the fine art archival prints in my store are 20% off! They range in size from 4x6 -9x10 inches. All prints are under $30. Rather have an original? They are there too! Plus, I just added 4 new collage paintings yesterday. Here's a small sampling. Visit these in the Giclee Prints section shop.

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