Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still in the breaker waves

So I thought this week might bring a bit of reprieve from the hectic pace as of late... I was very wrong! But, because I thought it would be calm I took on a few extra projects, for which I am shaking my head at now. Alas, it is the season for craziness. I am not a fan of winter, but man, I would love to just hibernate right now.

Enough. On to the work. The film that I prepared the books for (see the last few entries) will be shooting at our apartment this Friday. Yikes! The entire apartment has been serving as my studio while I've been working on these projects and it's a mess! I have a lot of cleaning to do before then! I'm also making two robe costumes for the film and my sewing supplies is everywhere. Robe number 1 was finished about a week ago and I'm hustling to get number 2 done for a fitting with the actor this Friday.

Also, put it on your calendars and come on down- I'll be selling my books and artwork at the DeKalb Market in downtown Brooklyn this Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 15&16) from 11-7pm. Check out the market site here.

Here's a look at #1 for the male actor.

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