Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coptic Bound Birthday Book

I love... love, love, love...journals, stationary, ENVELOPES and frankly just about anything made out of paper. I could stand in Pearl Paint oohing and ahhing, touching, smelling and dreaming up projects for hours in their paper section.

But, the project of today was brought into being not by a big art store but through some good old hand-craftsmanship. There was a happy find of cotton bond typewriter paper at the tiny stationary and art store in Jackson Heights, a sheet of gloriously colorful Italian cover paper given to me by my friend Mary years ago, hoarded in my multiple studio locations until it found ITS project and some hand painted silk ribbons that I picked up years ago and I only wish I remember where. All of these came together to be the perfect materials for this birthday present for a good friend.  

The binding is a seven hole coptic stitch, with linen thread.

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